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Time: 3 hours]                   [Total Marks: 80
Instructions: (1) Answer all questions
Each question carries three marks.
 Answers should be brief and straight to the point and shall not exceed five simple sentences.
1.       List the characteristics of a good Web site.
2.       List the advantages of cascading style sheets
3.       What is an XML? State its need.
4.       Explain the purpose of <frameset> and <frame> tags in an HTML.
5.       What is client-side scripting>? Give examples for client-side scripting languages.
6.       Differentiate between sub procedure and function procedure in VB script.
7.       List the basic principles of JSP.
8.       Explain Page Display Procedure Of An Html with an ASP.
9.       State the need of namespace.
10.   List various types of PHP operator.
Instructions: (1) Answer any five questions.
(2) Each question carries ten marks.
(3) Answers should be comprehensive and the criteria for valuation is the content but not the length of the answer
11.   Write an HTML code to create a form and place various controls on it.
12.   Explain the presentation formatting tags in an HTML.
13.   Explain the procedure for creation of an IDC script file and output template file.
14.   Write VB script code to calculate simple interest for given data of principal, rate and time duration.
15.   Explain various steps to establish connection with MS access database, using an ASP. How are database contents retrieved and displayed through an ASP?
16.   Explain about data retrieval and data validation in forms with an ASP.
17.   Write PHP script to create query string from two variables.
18.   Explain the user defined function in PHP with an example.
·         OCT/NOV-2011
·         APRIL/MAY 2011 
·         OCT/NOV-2012

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